Towards potent inhibitors of the protease of various RNA viruses


Project description
Today potent inhibitors of the HIV protease are successfully being used to treat infections with this virus. Also potent inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus have been developed and are currently successfully being evaluated in patients. Protease inhibitors may also be of great value for the treatment of a variety of infections with (highly) pathogenic RNA viruses. A cell-based viral protease reporter assay has been developed within the consortium that can modified to be used for the identification of inhibitors of the proteases of a broad range of (+)RNA viruses. The assay will therefore be adapted to allow the identification of inhibitors of various picorna-, flavi-, arteri-, alpha- and caliciviruses. The particular characteristics and the precise mechanism of inhibition of viral replication and interaction with the viral proteases will be studied in this project.

Host institute
Virology and Experimental Chemotherapy, Rega Institute,
Department of Microbiology and Immunology Faculty of Medicine - K.U. Leuven
Supervisor: Prof. Johan Neyts

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