In silico design of novel inhibitors of dengue virus and nidovirus replication


Project description
The Welsh School of Pharmacy are delighted to be part of the EUVIRNA consortium and is offering a PhD studentship on the design, synthesis and evaluation of novel anti-Dengue and anti-Nidoviruses compounds. The project will initially employ an in silico drug design approach, using a combination of advanced de novo drug design techniques and virtual screening protocols. In particular, we will focus on the Dengue NS3 helicase and the main protease of nidovirus (arterivirus and SARS-coronavirus). The most promising computationally identified structure will be then synthetised, purified and characterised by the PhD candidate in our chemistry labs before being biologically evaluated in collaboration with other EUVIRNA partners. The PhD student will have a unique opportunity to gain experience in all these different aspects of drug design and discovery and to be involved in an exciting multidisciplinary project.

Host institute
Cardiff University
Welsh School of Pharmacy
United Kingdom
Supervisor: Dr. Andrea Brancale

This position has been filled.