Research Projects

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of virus replication is crucial for antiviral drug development. In EUVIRNA, virologists (specialized in different viruses and technologies) and antiviral researchers (specialized in different aspects of the drug discovery process) join forces, aiming to achieve two goals:

  1. Molecular dissection of the replicative cycle of picornaviruses, nidoviruses, HCV, dengue virus, caliciviruses and alphaviruses and developing tools for antiviral drug research, and
  2. Translating this knowledge and applying these tools to identify or develop novel antiviral strategies/drugs.

To achieve these goals, EUVIRNA employs 17 Early Stage Researchers (ESR, mostly PhD students) and 3 Experienced Researchers (ER, mostly postdoctoral researchers), who are stationed at one of the academic or industrial partners. Most research projects have started between 1 March 2011 and 1 January 2012.

List of projects

LevelPartnerCountryTitle projectVacancy
ESR-1Utrecht UniversityNetherlands Hijacking cellular membranes for enteroviral genomic RNA replication  Finished
ESR-2Utrecht UniversityNetherlands Role cellular factors involved in enterovirus replication Filled
ESR-3Aix-Marseille UniversityFrance Dissecting RdRp mechanisms; antivirals as tools for structural and functional studies Finished
ESR-4Aix-Marseille UniversityFrance Structure and function of replicative proteins from alphaviruses Finished
ESR-5University Hospital of HeidelbergGermanyFunctional and Biochemical Characterization of DENV non-structural protein 1 Finished
ESR-6University Hospital of HeidelbergGermany Role of host cell factors in the Hepatitis C virus replication cycle Finished
ESR-7Riboxx GmbHGermany Characterization of regulatory RNA elements in the norovirus and sapovirus genome Finished
ESR-8Riboxx GmbHGermany Insight into calicivirus replication complex formation Filled
ESR-9Leiden University Medical CenterNetherlands Biochemistry and function of nidovirus replicase proteins Filled
ESR-10Leiden University Medical CenterNetherlands Host factors and drug targets in alphavirus and nidovirus replication Filled
ESR-11Rega Institute for Medical Research, KU LeuvenBelgium Antivirals against polio and other enteroviruses Finished
ESR-12Rega Institute for Medical Research, KU LeuvenBelgium Towards potent inhibitors of the protease of various RNA viruses Finished
ESR-13Cardiff UniversityUnited Kingdom In silico design of novel inhibitors of dengue virus and nidovirus replication Finished
ESR-14Cardiff UniversityUnited Kingdom In silico design of novel inhibitors of picornavirus replication Finished
ESR-15Janssen Infectious Diseases-Diagnostics BVBABelgium Mode of action of novel dengue virus inhibitors Filled
ESR-16Leiden University Medical CenterNetherlands Ultrastructure of (+)RNA virus replication organelles Filled
ESR-17Aratana TherapeuticsBelgiumUse of surrogate models to identify inhibitors of replication of FMDV in vitro Finished
ER-1Janssen Infectious Diseases-Diagnostics BVBABelgium Activation of the innate immune system to treat (+)RNA virus infections Finished
ER-2Utrecht UniversityNetherlands Mode of action of inhibitors of enterovirus replicationFilled
ER-3Aratana TherapeuticsBelgium Development of protease assays and replicons for antiviral studies against FMDV Finished