Ultrastructure of (+)RNA virus replication organelles


Project description
Genome RNA replication of all (+)RNA viruses takes place in close association with rearranged intracellular membranes. We are only beginning to understand the biogenesis and ultrastructure of these virus-induced membrane structures. In collaboration with the virology groups of LUMC (Prof. Dr. Eric Snijder) and the University of Utrecht (Prof. Dr. Frank van Kuppeveld), EM and tomography approaches will be used to gain more insight into the architecture of the rearranged membranes, the localization of the viral replication enzymes, and the localization of host factors that are hijacked by picornavirus to facilitate replication of their RNA genome.

Host institute
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
Department of Molecular Cell Biology, EM section
Supervisors: Dr. Montserat Barcena & Prof. Dr. Bram Koster

LUMC has a state-of-the-art EM facility with which Profs. Snijder and van Kuppeveld have been succesfully collaborating. The EM section is on top of and further developing new techniques, including various various cryo techniques, electron tomography and correlative microscopy. Leiden just opened the Necen, Netherlands Center for Nanoscopy, a national facility with two Titan Krios transmission electron microscopes, arguably the most advance EMs in the world, and LUMC is a partner in this Center and Bram Koster is in the Board running this facility.

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