Dissecting RdRp mechanisms; antivirals as tools for structural and functional studies


Project description
The structure of the viral RdRp in relation to its function in initiation, elongation, and termination is poorly understood. Individual enzymes have been structurally characterized for picornaviruses and flaviviruses. In parallel, compounds have been selected that inhibit these viruses and some of those were shown to target the RdRp domain in mutational resistance studies. We will characterize inhibition mechanisms through structural and functional studies and then unravel mechanisms of drug resistance. Thus, inhibitors will be used to trap/block conformational states of the RdRp. This will contribute to a better understanding of RNA replication.

Host institute
The student will be located at AFMB CNRS/Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France). He/she will have access to the facilities of the lab to drive his (or her) multidisciplinary project (cell culture, biochemistry/enzymology, structural biology) and will also benefit from the antiviral facilities provided by the EUVIRNA consortium.
Supervisor: Dr. Bruno Canard

This position has been filled.