Use of surrogate models to identify inhibitors of replication of FMDV in vitro


Project description
The aim is to use FMDV surrogate models that can be used in BSL2 facilities to allow hit identification against FMDV. For this, we will use equine rhinitis A virus (ERAV) and bovine rhinitis B virus (BBRV), which are phylogenetically as close as possible to FMDV. Hits identified through a HTS screening of compound libraries will be evaluated for in vitro anti-FMDV activity in specialized laboratories. A lead optimization process will be initiated (synthesis of analogues) for the strongest hits. Mode of action studies will be undertaken in the surrogate models and through the in vitro FMDV models developed.

Host institute
Aratana Therapeutics
Leuven, Belgium
Supervisor: Dr. Nesya Goris
PhD will be obtained at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Position filled